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You may have heard all the jokes about inviting a friend to church or being that friend, but this "leap of faith" can be a challenge for people. Whoever you are, you will find a welcome here. If you have moved to town with work or school, we are your "typical ELCA congregation" -- we average 45-50 people in worship, we use the ELW in worship, pass the peace, that sort of thing. If Lutheran is new to you, we do all we can to make liturgical worship easy to follow, and of course, you can ask a fellow worshipper. We have Sunday School for adults and children through the school year. See directions -- we're easy to find and there is convenient parking.

What You Can Expect

When you drive in and park on Sunday, you'll find two sets of open doors, and probably someone opening one for you. We're shy Lutherans, so folks won't jump on you immediately (you may be grateful for that) but you'll soon get a smile and welcome, and a worship bulletin (the program thingy) placed in your hand. Restrooms are in the long hallway next to the office along with coat racks.


Being Lutherans, the back of the sanctuary (that is, the worship space) fills up quickly, but there are no assigned seats. We start with announcements (we don't pick on visitors), some quiet contemplation, then singing and worship. Worship usually concludes with Holy Communion (ALL the baptized are welcome to join in Communion in an ELCA church! Yes, you, too). The progress of the worship service is marked in the bulletin, and feel free to ask a neighbor in worship for help -- they'll be glad to help.


If you come from a Roman Catholic or Episcopal background, our liturgy will be very familiar.


We love children in worship and appreciate the joyful noise. If you have small children who are restless enough that it makes you uncomfortable, we have a nursery area to go to for a bit (ask the usher for directions), and you probably won't be alone. We also have "quiet bags" of items to keep them occupied.


If you come earlier, at 9:15 am, we have Sunday School for children pre-school through grade 5 with plans to grow  as our children grow! Adults study various topics as the Spirit guides.


After worship, we often have a reception. Please join us and tell us your name and don't forget to sign the guest registry. We like to follow up if you give us a contact point. If you have questions, please ask questions.

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